September 30, 2014

Query Federation the RainStor Way

  by Mark Cusack, Chief Architect, RainStor, @markcusack One of the questions I get asked most by prospects and customers is: ‘how can I federate queries across my data warehouse and RainStor archive?’ The archiving use-case is pretty straightforward.  The data warehouse is kept topped up with the newest, hottest… Read More »
August 7, 2014

RainStor Embraces HUE

by Ben Weiss, Systems Engineer I had the great pleasure of taking a test spin a few weeks back on some RainStor Data Analytics edition alpha software. And now I know the answer to the following question…What does RainStor share with the Hadoop applications Beeswax, HiveServer, Impala, HDFS, Oozie, JobTracker,… Read More »
July 2, 2014

Facts of Life

by Ben Weiss, Systems Engineer How can busy compliance officers inside large banks and telcos rest easy and be assured that their organizations are meeting the widening range of external regulations to stay compliant? That question gets more difficult to answer with each passing day as data volumes grow from… Read More »
June 18, 2014

When Compliance Matters – Use The Proven Solution

by Alaric Snell-Pym, Sr. Architect, @alaric Retention of data is vital to the running of any business - from a small retailer that needs to keep sales records in order to accurately calculate taxes, all the way up to a global online retailer that needs to find better ways to predict… Read More »
June 11, 2014

RainStor and EMC Isilon Together Form a Winning Team

by Ben Weiss, Systems Engineer In the comic books, when super heroes team up, good things happen. Consider some well-known teams of super heroes, such as The Avengers, The Justice League or The X-Men, - on those teams, the special powers of each character complement those of the other members,… Read More »
June 6, 2014

RainStor SQL Access is the Right Tool for the Job

RainStor is a different kind of database than the traditional types that most database users "grew up with", and so many of their intuitions as to the best way to do things might lead them astray. So, as well as writing excellent documentation and providing lots of advice to new… Read More »
May 29, 2014

How Do You Comply?

By Deirdre Mahon, VP Marketing When you hear the words “big data”, you immediately think of analytics and then probably Hadoop (as the platform) and you start to imagine all the newly created data from a wide range of sources – network,  machine generated data, in addition to all the… Read More »
May 13, 2014

RainStor 5.5: the archiving app for HDP 2.1

by Mark Cusack (@markcusack) Chief Architect, RainStor RainStor 5.5 is certified on Hortonworks HDP 2.1!  Thanks to Hortonworks for providing RainStor with a fantastic platform for our data warehouse archiving application, and for actively supporting and encouraging certification.  We firmly believe that the combination of RainStor and HDP together provides… Read More »