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AdaptiveMobile Case Study

Learn how AdaptiveMobile’s customers deploy RainStor to retain SMS/MMS data in the communications sector for lawful intercept and compliance regulations.


What RainStor Partners say



“With RainStor’s structured data retention repository, Dell can offer our customers full end-to-end lifecycle archival, management and access across all of their data.”

- Sharad Mudhol, Director, Data Management Solutions, Dell


“Our customers will be able to process huge volumes of data with greater speed and efficiency using an HP solution augmented by RainStor”

- Andrea Fabrizi, Manager of Investigation, Comm. & Media Solutions, HP

“Our partnership with RainStor’s specialized data compression and reduction software helps broaden Teradata’s reach to the retention market. This solution can eliminate the need to store historical data on tape and thereby avoid any business risk of not providing immediate response in compliance situations.”
- Scott Gnau, Chief Development Officer, Teradata Corporation

“By partnering with RainStor, we are delivering a competitive advantage to our customers who need to reduce their cost base while addressing the challenges posed by smart device proliferation and 4G rollout.”
- Rick Kuhlbars, Global Partnership Manager at Anritsu A/S