RainStor Partner Program

RainStor partners with industry-leading technology companies and service providers to deliver the most innovative Big Data solutions at the lowest possible cost. RainStor is a partner-centric business that provides extensive upfront and ongoing training and support to ensure partners and our joint customers are successful. RainStor works closely with partners to deepen existing customer relationships and create new business opportunities across industries and regions.

RainStor’s partner program supports four types of partner – ISV/OEM, Reseller, Solution & Services, and Technology & Platform partners.

ISV/OEM Partners

Raintor’s ISV/OEM partners embed RainStor’s database within their products or solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of storing, collecting and analyzing Big Data. RainStor works closely with ISV partners to quickly design, develop, test and launch new or enhanced solutions leveraging RainStor’s database. RainStor offers OEM Agreements with a flexible licensing model and extensive support that accelerates time-to-market.

Channel/Reseller Partners

RainStor’s value-add resellers represent the company in select regions around the world by selling RainStor’s database as a standalone product or added component to other solutions. Reseller partners receive extensive product and sales training to ensure they’re able to sell and deliver projects successfully. RainStor offers Reseller Agreements with attractive terms that enable partners to drive highly profitable software sales revenues that complement their value add services business.

Solution and Services Partners

RainStor’s solution and services partners are systems integrators or consulting companies who provide consulting, integration and implementation services to RainStor customers. Solutions and services partners receive extensive product training to become certified RainStor consultants. RainStor offers Referral Agreements that generously reward partners who generate and register new joint business opportunities.

Technology and Platform

RainStor’s platform and technology Partners provide complementary technology that adds value to RainStor implementations and customers. These partners provide technology that integrates with RainStor, or provide platforms upon which the RainStor database runs. RainStor completes a rigorous testing and certification process with all Platform and Technology partners.

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