RainStor’s Analytical Archive and Compliance Archive solutions enable organizations to manage historical data across the enterprise. Purpose-built from the ground up with a focus on reducing cost, complexity and compliance risk, while creating business value with continuous access to years of critical data.

Enterprises today are challenged with managing more data than ever before, driven by increasing business demands to access new and richer data sources. At the same time, budgets have not risen to meet the need—organizations are hampered by limited or reduced IT resources, while chartered to derive greater value from existing data management technology investments.

That’s why corporations have an extensive checklist of demands and expectations of the products and services that they purchase to help manage their data. They need products with a proven track record in the marketplace— this critical area does not allow for experiments or trial runs. They need reliable solutions that solve distinct business problems, matched with 24×7 support. Additionally, a high level of interoperability is a must, given factors such as the rising popularity of Hadoop as a platform, existing investments in data warehouses such as Teradata, and the extensive use of Business Intelligence tools. They want enterprise-grade security and unlimited scalability to meet evolving business needs, and, above all, they want to be able to quantify the value of all new investments.

The RainStor Database is custom-designed and built to help large enterprises meet Analytical Archive and Compliance Archive needs at the lowest total cost. It is quantifiably the most efficient database when storing and managing volumes of enterprise data, and enabling fast query and analytics access for better intelligence. It provides enterprise-grade security, can easily scale as growth rates escalate, and is easy to install and operate with very low administrative impact.

RainStor efficiently manages diverse data types to offer the highest performance and efficiency for structured and semi-structured data sets, including machine-generated data like clickstream, sensor logs, and financial trade and tick data. It’s fully accessible for all types of query and analysis, simultaneously meeting business needs and stringent compliance mandates. RainStor manages multiple workloads and is continuously available for query even during high-speed data load.

With RainStor, organizations can:

  • Efficiently store data with 90% lower storage footprint
  • Reduce hardware costs and effectively run on Tier 3 storage or in the cloud
  • Provide fast, flexible query access, greatly enhancing business productivity
  • Increase DBA and developer productivity by 3X – 8X
  • Provide enterprise-grade security while ensuring that compliance regulations are met