RainStor: Database for Big Data

RainStor is the world’s most efficient Big Data database for storing petabyte-scale volumes of structured and semi-structured data. It’s the easy, fast and efficient way to load, store and analyze historical data, which needs to be securely retained for business and compliance regulatory requirements. Storage agnostic – RainStor runs on-premise, in the cloud and natively on HDFS.

RainStor Architecture Overview

RainStor’s solutions are deployed at many of the world’s largest banks, and telecommunications organizations and at the core is the RainStor Big Data database, which provides:

  • Reduced Storage Footprint: 90%-plus reduction with unique data de-duplication & compression
  • Efficient Scale: Best scale performance and agility & can run anywhere!  (SAN, NAS, CAS, Cloud and HDFS)
  • Query Speed: Fast query performance with a wide range of access tools: (SQL; BI Tools; MapReduce; Pig; Hive & Search)
  • Enterprise-grade Security:  Secure, highly available & immutable (Built-in; data disposition & tamper-proof)
  • Simplicity & Fast Deployment: Lock & leave, low-admin & non-disruptive (Standards-based & rapid deployment)

By deploying RainStor as the enterprise platform for all archival needs, you benefit from the lowest total cost, minimize complexity and reduce risk.  Virtually limitless volumes of historical data are secure and fully accessible for ongoing business and compliant query.

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