Communications, Cable and Media

The communications industry has long been at the hub of Big Data. Various disciplines within the industry generate continuous streams of multi-structured data, but all of them must be efficiently captured, stored, processed and analyzed. At the same time, the industry faces compliance mandates that dictate online retention of all Call Detail Records (CDRS), SMS and browsing content WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) for lawful intercept and mass intercept purposes.

Providers need to store detailed subscriber data for longer times, both to gain insights for internal use and for subscribers who need access to their usage data. Additionally, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) need to interoperate with many other service providers for online content and applications. This includes mobile transactions that must be securely collected and stored.

With such complexities, a traditional database is not only cost prohibitive but technologically incapable of handling the massive volumes that must be quickly loaded as they come off the network. This is why many CSPs have been leading the migration to Hadoop, which scales at lower cost with some additional functionality.

RainStor plays a major role in helping CSPs store Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) data long-term. This meets compliance regulations for “lawful intercept” and “mass intercept” purposes, and provides continuous online access for query and analysis, at a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional database or data warehouse approach. For Operational Support Systems (OSS), RainStor enables operators to keep network log data for extended periods, enabling them to perform diagnostics and ongoing performance monitoring. This ensures the health and stability of the network, the backbone of the industry.

The RainStor solution provides critical business value—it enables cable operators to store and manage clickstream data and better monitor and measure viewer behavior. By storing both current and historical log data, companies can analyze how customers react to promotions month-to-month and year-over-year.