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Don’t Delete Data – RainStor Overview Video

Watch this video to learn how RainStor gives you access to all current and historical data
for business analysis and query at the lowest total cost.

RainStor 5.5 – What’s under the covers?

Mark Cusack, Chief Architect, RainStor discusses the key features that make RainStor 5.5
the enterprise-grade security database for Hadoop deployments

Introducing RainStor 5.5 – Why should your business care?

Jyothi Swaroop, Director, Product Marketing introduces RainStor 5.5 – latest product release that
talks brings enterprise-grade security and fast search to Hadoop.

RainStor FastConnect
Mark Cusack, RainStor Chief Architect explains on a whiteboard how RainStor’s FastConnect works under the covers.
GigaOM Structure Data 2013
Deirdre Mahon, VP of Marketing, Why RainStor’s Big Data Database is an ideal solution for the Hadoop platform.
Strata-Hadoop 2012
The Cube – Strata-Hadoop World 2012 – John Bantleman, RainStor, with John Furrier and Dave Vellante
Get the Scoop on Hadoop
Hadoop users attend Hadoop Summit 2012 and tell RainStor what’s the next big thing coming for Hadoop users in the Big Data market.
RainStor_Whiteboard on Compression & Reduction
Mark Cusack, Chief Architect at RainStor explains how extreme data compression is achieved to deliver ~50x reduction in storage footprint for cost effective big data retention.
IT Press Tour ’12 Mark Cusack Chief Architect RainStor
Interview About Product And Solution With Mark Cusack, Chief Architect, RainStor, March 26th, 2012 During The IT Press Tour 2012
Data Virtualization: Thoughts From Deirdre Mahon of RainStor on Data Analytics Trends
Thoughts From Deirdre Mahon Of RainStor On Data Analytics Trends
Big Data As A Business Problem, Featuring John Bantleman
Big Data As A Business Problem, Featuring John Bantleman
Big Data on Hadoop with Compression Drives Efficiency and Lowers Cost, featuring Mark Cusack
Big Data On Hadoop With Compression Drives Efficiency And Lowers Cost, Featuring Mark Cusack
Merv Adrian Interview on Big Data Retention and RainStor
Video: Merv Adrian, IT Market Strategy Industry Analyst Discusses Why A New Class Of Data Repository Is Required For Data Retention
Big Data on Hadoop Needs High Performance Query and Analysis, featuring Mark Cusack
Big Data On Hadoop With Compression Drives Efficiency And Lowers Cost, Featuring Mark Cusack
RainStor Partner Program Overview
RainStor Partner Program Overview: Find Out More About The Powered By RainStor Program For ISVs, SIs And MSPs
RainStor Makes The Big Data Problem Smaller
RainStor In 2 Minutes: Watch A Short Video Describing The Company And Our Technology
RainStor and Industry Standards
RainStor And Industry Standards: See How RainStor Uses Common Industry Standards To Simplify The Storage And Management Of Structured Data
Data Retention Solutions Powered by RainStor
Solutions Powered By RainStor: Learn More About The Types Of Solutions That Can Leverage RainStor Technology
RainStor in the Cloud
RainStor In The Cloud: See How RainStor Can Be Used To Send, Search And Store Structured Data In Any Cloud
RainStor Technology Overview
RainStor Technology Overview: Learn About The Key Features Of RainStor And How Extreme Data Compression Enables Cost-efficient Load And Query Performance With Zero Design And Maintenance
Whiteboard on Compression & Reduction
Mark Cusack, Chief Architect At RainStor Explains How Extreme Data Compression Is Achieved To Deliver ~50x Reduction In Storage Footprint For Cost Effective Big Data Retention
10x Less
Learn How A Big Data Retention Solution Is Ideally Suited To Industry Sectors Experiencing Significant Data Volume Growth And How Retention Of Critical Data Can Be Achieved With 10x Less Cost Compared To A Traditional Database Approach
Scale Performance Video
Learn How RainStor Scales To Manage Large And Growing Data Volumes Cost Efficiently